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Permit Holder Lessons

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  • Private Driving Lessons
  • Pick up and Return Service
  • Get your license! 

5 Hr Pre-Licensing Course

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  • Day/Eve/Weekend Classes
  • Learner's Permit Required
  • Modern Teaching Techniques

Road Test - Fast Pass!

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  • Road Test Vehicle Provided
  • Door to Door Service
  • Bell System Practice Test

License Holder Lessons

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  • Refresher/Senior driver lessons
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Increase your confidence!

Defensive Driving Course

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  • 4 Points Off Your License
  • 10% Discount Off Insurance
  • Classroom or online training

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Nervous Driver - Road Test - Jack O

  I took my road test today for the first time in the middle of a snow storm. Boy was that scary! Snow, rain, all around miserable weather. However, thanks to my great instructor, from Bell Auto School, I was not at all nervous. He taught me how to stay calm under pressure. My parallel park, changing lanes, and 3 point turns were  flawless. Needless to say, I passed on my first try. Thanks Bell Auto School. You guys are the best!

Our Method - Robert T

  Driving seemed to have a lot of complicated rules, but my instructor made everything super simple. He took all the anxiety and confusion out of driving and learning the road test. Not only that, he had a good eye for assessing my strengths and weaknesses and always had an effective way to exercise what I needed to work on. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor for anyone who's really nervous about driving or passing the road test or both.

Best Driving School On LI - David S.

 Bell Auto School has been a staple in the Nassau and Queens community for many years.  Generations of families have taken lessons and passed their road tests including my own through private lessons and driver's ed.  The tradition continues and I would recommend them to anyone learning to drive. Trust me, leave it to the professionals.

About Bell Auto Driving School

 Bell Auto Driving School - Trust the family owning the oldest and most experienced driving school in NY State. 

Bell has been a family owned driving school since 1956 and has enabled more than 500,000 individuals to obtain their licenses and become safe drivers. Through hard work, a commitment to the highest standards, and constant evolution, Bell Auto Driving School is recognized as one of the finest institutions for driving education in the USA.   

Bell Auto Driving School is Certified by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
Bell Auto Driving School is Certified by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

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Bell Auto Driving School Terms and Conditions


Bell Auto Driving School Terms and Conditions 


 Bell Auto School  is in the Business of providing a service, namely the service of providing training and  knowledge. 

 If a customer prefers to pay a "PACKAGE PRICE" the payment is due in full before the second day of instruction. If  not  paid in full, the 45 minute or "STANDARD" price will be charged for each lesson. You will receive a receipt  showing proof  of payment. 

 Our drivers are only paid for the time they train. If a student is a "no show", has no permit or cancels a class  without  calling at least 24 hours before their lesson, our driving instructor is out of work for that time period. In  such cases you  forfeit that lesson and that prepaid lesson will be charged. Any further lessons needed to complete  your program will  require an additional prepaid "STANDARD" price. Receipt given for all  transactions.  

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