Driving Lessons In Nassau & Queens

Increase Your Chances Of Passing The Road Test And Learn Safe Driving Habits For Life!

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Who Should Enroll In Permit Holder Driving Lesson Packages? Drivers of all ages and skill levels who have a Learner’s Permit enroll to become confident, safe drivers who can handle any driving situation! 

  • Beginner drivers who have never been behind-the-wheel
  • Experienced drivers who need to sharpen their skills, learn and master advanced driving techniques such as driving in traffic, changing lanes at high speeds, driving on highways, night driving, parallel parking in congested areas, and driving in difficult weather conditions
  • Nervous drivers
  • People with medical conditions including but not limited to autism, ADHD.
  • Unlicensed international drivers who need to learn about the driving regulations in New York
  • People who now have the ability to obtain their Class D driver’s license under the new Green Light Law and need to learn how to drive

Why Bell Auto School?

Trust the family owning the oldest and most experienced driving school in NY State. Since 1956 we have trained over 500,000 drivers. Our instructors are certified by the NYS DMV and college trained in teaching driviers of varying skill levels, different ages, and ethnicities. 

Prepare To Pass Your Road Test!

Bell Auto School has helped more students get their licenses than any other driving school in Nassau County and Queens. We are experts at the NYS Road Test and teach you the secrets  to help you pass.  Our experienced teachers break down each component of the Road Test including turning, parallel parking, changing lanes, and more. We teach you step-by-step, the right way.  

Beyond The Road Test - Become A Safe, Confident Driver

Bell Auto School teaches you safe driving habits for life.  Get comfortable driving in traffic, changing lanes at high speeds, driving on highways, night driving and parallel parking in congested areas. Feel safe driving in a variety of weather conditions. We go beyond the skills you need for the Road Test to prepare you for any situation!

Permit Holder Driving Lesson Packages - A Proven Method Customized For You!

We evaluate your driving skills at the end of your very first lesson and build a personalized driving lesson program using Bell’s step-by-step method of driving instruction. No two students are the same, so while our curriculum is consistent, our approach is tailored to fit each student’s style of learning. 

Our Permit Holder Packages are designed to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Prepare you for your Road Test 
  • Make you a safe driver for life
  • Empower you to handle any situation

Choose between single lesson, 5 lesson, 10 lesson and 20 lesson packages. Each individual lesson includes: 

  • 45 Minute In-Car Private Driving Lesson
  • NYS Certified And Professional College-Trained Driving Instructor
  • Door To Door Service (At Home Pick-Up and Drop-Off)
  • New Model, Dual Control Training Vehicle

Bell Auto School has a variety of customized driving lesson programs in Nassau and Queens specifically designed to help you get your license. 


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