Road Test In Nassau & Queens

Increase Your Chances Of Passing The Road Test!

You may already have driving experience, but do you know exactly what is expected of you on the Road Test? We are experts at preparing students for the NYS Road Test!

We schedule the Road Test, give you a "Bell System Practice Road Test" in-car driving lesson on the day of the exam, let you use a Bell vehicle for the exam, and pick you up and drop you off at home!   Click Here To Enroll In One Of Our "Road Test Success Packages "

We Make the Road Test Process Stress Free And Simple

It is vital to properly prepare, so you are ready for your big day! We teach you the secrets to help you pass your Road Test. Our experienced teachers break down each component of the Road Test including turning, parallel parking, changing lanes, and more. We teach you step-by-step, the right way. Bell Auto School has made the process simple and stress free for hundreds of thousands of drivers like you through our “Road Test Success Packages”

Who Should Enroll In Bell Auto’s Road Test Success Packages?

  • Experienced drivers who are comfortable behind the wheel but need to know exactly what is expected of them on the Road Test. 
  • Experienced drivers who need to focus on certain key areas (Example: Parallel Parking) that are critical for the Road Test
  • Immigrants who now have the ability to obtain their Class D driver’s license under the new Green Light Law, are experienced drivers, and need to take their Road Test.
  • Experienced International drivers who need to obtain their New York driver’s license.
  • The convenience  of using our modern Bell car for the exam. 

Why Bell Auto School? 

Trust the family owning the oldest and most experienced driving school in NY State. Since 1956 we have trained over 500,000 drivers.

Bell Auto School has helped more students get their licenses than any other driving school in Nassau County and Queens. 

Our instructors are certified by the NYS DMV and college trained in teaching driving for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver. 

Each "Road Test Success" package includes:

1) You schedule and take 5 hour course (If Purchased).

2) Bell Auto School schedules your Road Test.

3) Day Of Road Test:

-We pick you up at your home before the exam.

-Our teacher gives a "Bell System Practice Road Test" driving lesson.

-You take the Road Test in our modern, safe, Bell vehicle.

-We drop you off at home after the exam. 

Increase Your Chances Of Passing The Road Test!